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Now what's the latest Buzz?

bee Consolidation Vote Fails to Gain Majority
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Letter to Academy Members 7/30/99
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Memo Regarding Delaware Law Change (7/27/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Consolidation packets mailed on July 9, 1999! (7/9/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Why Every Member Needs to Vote For/Against Consolidation (4/16/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Consolidation Update (4/8/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Questions and Answers on Consolidation (3/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Pursuing Consolidation  (2/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Draft Consolidation Bylaws (2/99) (Revised 4/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) Special Notes on Draft Consolidation Bylaws (2/99)
bee.jpg (929 bytes) O & P Community to Form American Association for Orthotics and Prosthetics - (12/98)

We invite and encourage your comments on the proposed consolidation.  Please address them to the National Service Office. You may also send your views by Internet E-mail to:. Your comments may be submitted at any time.  You may also participate in an ongoing discussion of issues on the OandP Listserv. To subscribe, send an Internet E-mail message to . In the body of the message type: Subscribe oandp-l, your first name, your last name, and credentials. To post a message, send to .

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