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Who does this affect

Who Does This Affect?



The members of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (the Academy) and the members of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) will be directly involved in formation of a consolidated organization. The success of consolidation depends on each member taking an active role, staying informed and using his or her vote as a voice throughout the process. With consolidation, the respective programs would continue, but the Academy and AOPA would not retain their separate corporate status.


The American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics Inc. (ABC) and the National Commission for Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE), while non-membership organizations, will be actively involved in the consolidation process and new organization. Because the business of ABC and NCOPE, certification and education respectively, cannot be unduly influenced in terms of their governance and budgets, they will each need to maintain an independent board of commissioners. To this end, the integrity of the education and certification processes will not be compromised.

What Would the New Organization Represent

What Would the New Organization Represent?

Consolidation would accomplish having the two membership organizations of the Academy and AOPA developed into one association. One possible name would be the American Association for Orthotics and Prosthetics (AAOP). The ABC and NCOPE would be part of this new organization and be maintained within the O&P family. The mission of the new association would be to represent the orthotics and prosthetics profession in promoting quality O&P care and services. The mission would be fulfilled through five goals:

Movement in the Direction of Consolidation


How?  - The Process


December 1997


Strategic Planning meeting of all boards and the commission (ABC, the Academy, AOPA and NCOPE)
March 1998


KPMG hired to do an organizational audit of existing structures
December 1998


Consensus Conference held. Concept and idea for consolidation publicized via press release and articles in O&P publications
January 1999


Steering Committee meets to discuss bylaws and marketing plan
February 1999




  • Informational brochure on consolidation to entire membership and ABC-credentialed individuals and facilities
  • Draft bylaws distributed to membership for review and comment. Members need to objectively review the bylaws and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist with the proposed consolidation.
  • Create information, including Q&A area on website(s) and provide opportunity for comments
March 1999


Packet of information produced and draft plan presented at Academy Annual MeetingConsolidation booth manned by current leadership to answer questions and address concerns
April-June 1999


  • Presentations at state and regional O&P meetings.
  • Slideshows, newsletters and magazine articles, fax updates, etc.
June 1999


Modification to plan and bylaws
August/September 1999


AOPA & Academy membership vote on bylaws and resolutions to dissolve. All members get a voice in the decision.
October 1999


Consolidation. Development of organization identityand formal announcement.

Why Change

Why Change?
  1. The number of O&P organizations and their roles is confusing - even to members within the respective organizations.
  1. The cost of belonging to multiple organizations has reached a breaking point for many members. Consolidation could keep costs to members at least at the same level and may control future increases in dues.
  1. Consolidation should provide a stronger, consistent, responsive, unified and more recognizable representation of the O&P profession to payers, consumers, members and allied health providers.
  1. The healthcare environment has changed significantly. Consolidation responds to the changing healthcare environment (and pressure from members), allows the new association to be proactive, and meets the challenges the O&P community faces today and in the future.



Where Do You Fit Into the Process

Where Do You Fit Into the Process?

You need to stay informed and encourage others to do the same, so as things progress you are able to make educated decisions. We recognize that both threats and weaknesses exist in addition to strengths and opportunities through the new organization. Nothing is being decided for you. We are merely looking for ways to make the existing organizations work better to meet the needs of all the members.

"Ask Us"

The "Steering Committee" is the committee comprised of currently elected leaders from the organizations. They have been tasked with working through the details of bylaws, governance, dues structures, etc. Please feel free to contact any one of the members with any questions or concerns you may have.

Steering Committee Business Phone E-mail
David Jendrzejczyk, CP, FAAOP, Chairman (860) 667-5339
William Beiswenger, CPO, FAAOP  
Ronney Snell, CPO (901) 853-1353 (only after 6pm EST)
William Schumann, CPO (978) 683-5229
William Barringer, CO (405) 271-3644
C. Michael Schuch, CPO, FAAOP (919) 684-6890
Stephanie Langdon-Bash, CPO, FAAOP (315) 476-3831
Charles Pritham, CPO, FAAOP (919) 684-2474
William DeToro, CO (330) 758-3888
Robert Brown, Sr., CPO, FAAOP (607)273-3971
Michael Brncick, CPO (708) 957-0240
Robert S. Lin, CPO (860) 667-5361  


Current Programs Current Sponsoring Organization


Certified Practitioner Business Owner
Government Relations AOPA X X
CEC The Academy X X
Illustrated Guide AOPA X X
Fellows The Academy X X
Exam Preparation Seminar The Academy X X
Patient Care Manual The Academy X X
Business Survey AOPA   X
National Assembly AOPA X X
Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium The Academy X X
L-Code Seminar AOPA X X
JPO AOPA & The Academy X X
Almanac AOPA & The Academy X X
Societies The Academy X X
Patient Care Videos The Academy X X
Heard Online The Academy X X
Best of Resident Research Series The Academy X  
Occasional Publications AOPA X X

Do you realize that Academicians benefit from AOPA's activities
while AOPA members gain opportunities through the Academy's programs?

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