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Advisory Committee Initiative
Volunteer as a potential nominee for an advisory committee seat! This is a special opportunity for you to be involved in ABCs important relationship marketing initiatives at the inter-professional committee level. ABC is targeting key decision making committees in order to impact the formulation of policy that affects our profession. We are working to create a greater understanding of ABC certification and accreditation, which will ultimately lead to a greater demand in the marketplace for ABC certified O & P practitioners and ABC accredited facilities. We will be targeting key advisory committees of federal and state health and disability programs, third party payors, associations, and other organizations.

We are looking for individuals interested in sitting on these kinds of advisory committees, as we work to optimally position ABC in the minds of key decision makers. We are setting up a pool of a number of select individuals who may be interested in volunteering their services when we are able to submit nominations for advisory committees.

If you would like to participate with an advisory committee or would like more information, please contact

Lance Hoxie
Executive Director
(703) 836-7114 ext. 221
fax (703)836-0838
[email protected]


330 John Carlyle Street
Suite 210
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5760.

Please indicate your knowledge base, i.e., managed care, workers compensation, etc. We look forward to hearing from you.

Credentialing Verification Program
ABC has entered into a partnership with PHICO Capital Markets, Inc. to provide discounted credentialing services as a value-added benefit to ABC certified orthotists and prosthetists and ABC accredited facilities. PHICO Capital Markets offers these services through HealthNet Data Link (HDL), a credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that is certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for 10 out of 10 Verification Elements. HDL provides credentialing services nationwide.

Credentials verification is necessary before physicians and allied healthcare providers may be admitted for staff privileges at healthcare facilities or are approved to provide care within an HMO or provider network group. A CVO will compile, collect and verify practitioner credentials in an efficient, time-saving manner. Credentialing data maintained by a CVO is conveniently distributed to healthcare institutions at the providerís request, eliminating the necessity to file additional forms each time information is needed. Practitioner data is maintained in a secure database and is continually updated to track expired documents. In addition, providers receive notice from the CVO when profile information, such as proof of insurance, requires updating.

A credentialing service is especially advantageous for small, independent orthotics and prosthetics firms, as many larger orthotics and prosthetics conglomerates often maintain a central office to perform this kind of service.

To take advantage of this valuable program, click on the following link login.htm to register with the Credentialing Online Program. You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the credentialing forms on line, or if your prefer, you can download a credentialing form that you can fill out and mail into the program. For more information, you may also call David Cross, Marketing Manager, at 1-800-382-1378, ext. 7420 or fax PHICO Capital Markets at (717) 766-1294.

Special Note
We encourage you to provide us with your fax number and your e-mail address if you havent already - for ease in including you in ABCs marketing programs.

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