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Welcome to the AOPA Products Catalog. 

We now have secure, encrypted, on-line ordering of all AOPA Products listed.

This shopping cart program operates much like a shopping cart at a local grocery store. 
(Except ours is free of bad wheels!)

Browse through the items available and view the description and pricing of each.  Select items of interest and they will be added to the shopping cart.  At any time, the contents of the shopping cart can be viewed.  When shopping is complete and it is time to "check out," the program will calculate the total of the selections and add any shipping and handling required.  Shoppers then provide payment information and the order is submited to AOPA. 

We have a member and a non-member catalog because members receive a discount on the products available.  However, we also like to make our exceptional products available to those of you who are not-yet members!

Select the catalog that identifies your membership status
and enjoy your on-line shopping experience.

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