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The ABC Directory of Credentialed Individuals and Facilities
has been designed to be easily searched so users will able to view information of interest.

Examples of how to use the search include:

There are three options for a search.  You may search the entire list.  You may search by (F)acility or you may search by (I)ndividuals.

  • To search the enitire list, enter nothing in the search by Facility or Individual field.
  • To search only for (F)acility listings, enter the letter  - F
  • To search for listings of (I)ndividuals, enter the letter  - I

Enter a last name (or part of a name) and all directory entries with the same last name (or part of the name entered) will appear on the screen.

Enter a zip code and all entries with a similar zip code will  appear.

Enter a city and all entries within that city will appear. 

The more specific the entry the more specific the response.

The listings will be alphabetical by State, City, Company and Last Name
and will display (if available):

Company Phone
Contact Fax
Address Email

Search by (F)acility
or (I)ndividual?
Last Name

First Name


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