the Mark of Merit

CPM Changes Planned

The Board of Directors has approved changes to the format and content of the practitioner Clinical Patient Management (CPM) examinations. The changes will be implemented at the upcoming exams in December 2000.

The changes to the exam will help ABC meet several goals. The new exam will more closely align with the description of practitioner practice outlined in the new Practice Analysis of the Disciplines of Orthotics and Prosthetics. The new format will place an emphasis on patient-candidate and examiner-candidate interactions and will eliminate the vast majority of the fabrication segments of the exam. The examination committees expect to reduce the candidate’s length of time at the exam from the current three days to approximately six hours. The change will eventually allow ABC to test more candidates and should reduce the number of candidates who have to be deferred from one exam to the next. The cost for the candidate’s personal travel and housing will be reduced as will the length of time spent away from work and family.

2001 Renewal Cycle to Begin in September
Beginning around September 15, all credentialed individuals and organizations will begin receiving their 2001 Renewal Invoices. ABC policies require remittance of annual fees as a condition of maintaining the ABC credential. Please check your mail for this important

nformation. Fees must be received by December 1, 2000 to maintain your good standing with ABC for the next fiscal year as well as ensure your listing in the 2001 Registry and Reference Guide. If you have not received your Renewal Invoice by September 30, please contact our MIS department to verify your address at 703-836-7114.

Compliance/Surveyor Training Workshop
The Facility Accreditation Committee will debut a new workshop on Friday, October 6th in conjunction with the AOPA National Assembly in Washington, DC. This new, two-part program is open to all those interested in accrediting their organization, renewing their accreditation or becoming a qualified ABC accreditation surveyor. PCE credits will be awarded for attendance at this workshop.

This new format will focus the initial 2 ½ hours on facility accreditation standards compliance; those individual practitioners interested in becoming ABC qualified facility surveyors will remain for the final hour to receive specialized training for on-site evaluations.

For additional information on this program, or to receive specific qualifications for becoming an ABC surveyor, please contact Patricia Spitnale at , or call the ABC headquarters.

ABC Secures New Representation
ABC has succeeded in being awarded a seat on advisory committees for two important organizations, the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The position on URAC’s Claims Processing Advisory Committee opens the doors for ABC to have a voice in the decision-making process of setting standards for managed care, as URAC accredits managed care organizations. The advisory committee will develop accreditation standards for claims processing and payment, which is important to ABC practitioners since it dictates the time it takes and the manner in which they get paid.

These committee appointments represent an important step toward ABC’s goal to change market conditions by targeting key decision-makers and impacting the formulation of policies that affect our profession.

Pamela Gibson, CPO is ABC’s representative to the URAC committee and Robert Lin, CPO will be ABC’s representative on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s healthcare committee.

MCE Update
Category I and Category II applications, all Mandatory Continuing Education Books of Rules, and requirements for continuing education credits can be accessed online. Log on to and select “Continuing Education” to download all the information you will need to properly apply for continuing education credits. To find out about upcoming educational opportunities, simply click on “Upcoming Category I Courses” at the top of the page. This listing includes the location and the number of credits that can be earned. If you have any questions about the MCE program please call Heather Harris at (703) 836-7114, ext. 3028.

New Certificates
For those credentialed individuals whose certification expires December 31, 2000, new five-year certificates will be mailed in early December. Be sure to submit your annual fees so as to not delay this mailing.Fees must be submitted to receive your new certificate.

OIG Compliance Guidelines
The Facility Accreditation Committee will be meeting in October to integrate the recent OIG compliance guidelines into the current standards for accreditation. The OIG published the guidelines in an effort to combat fraud and abuse and provide government inspectors with some direction for use during organizational audits. If approved by the board, the new standards will go into effect on January 1, 2001. For a complete listing of the guidelines, please contact Tamara Bailey.

Who Are You?
A second mailing of Data Verification Forms has recently been mailed to all ABC credentialed individuals and organizations who did not return the first form. It is very important the information on these forms be reviewed and all forms, even those with no changes, be sent back to ABC no later than

September 8, 2000. The information on these forms will be used directly in the development of the 2001 Registry and Reference Guide. Please remember to return your form today!

Technician Exams
ABC would like to thank and recognize the facilities that host the ABC registered technician examinations. Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, WA; Century College, White Bear Lake, MN; and the SPS Central Fabrication facility in Alphareta, GA have been generous with their time and use of their facilities.

Applications and the Technician Book of Rules for the Spring 2001 Registered Technician examination will be available in October from the O&P Bookstore (301-362-6906). The Spring 2001 technician exam will be in Alparetta, GA.

Marketing in Memphis
ABC will be presenting a workshop on Grassroots Marketing at the Academy’s CEC-2 in Memphis, TN, September 15-16. CEC-2 will be an opportunity to receive 14.25 PCE credits, and learn about marketing your ABC credential. Contact the Academy at 703-836-7118 for CEC registration information or Abbe Daly, ABC’s director of marketing at 703-836-7114 for ABC marketing information.

Residency Workshop to Highlight ABC Practice Analysis
NCOPE will be hosting a residency directors workshop titled “Integrating a Resident into Your Clinical Practice” at the AOPA Assembly on October 4, 2000. The workshop will highlight how the ABC Practice Analysis of the Disciplines of Orthotics and Prosthetics relates to clinical practice and the residency programs. For more information and to register contact Robin Seabrook at 703-836-7114 or

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