ABC Grassroots Marketing Kits Will Grow Your Practice


ABC has been working from the inside to get on the radar screen of key national decision makers in order to change market conditions in which there is too little demand for ABC-certified practitioners in ABC-accredited facilities.  We want to impact the formulation of policy that might affect our profession and create a demand in the marketplace for ABC’s credentials.  We would like to raise the consciousness of these organizations regarding ABC certification and accreditation and create a greater awareness of who we are and what we do. 


We have a number of successes in our portfolio to-date, although there is much more still to accomplish.  What is most critical about this is that we need the help of our practitioners to market ABC’s credentials at the state and local level by setting up appointments with our target audiences to promote ABC. 


ABC has developed a special Grassroots Marketing Kit for just this purpose.  It is designed to prepare you to meet with managed care executives, insurance companies, physicians and other practitioners, legislators, and patients to communicate our message.  The Kit contains a video, a diskette containing the ABC logo (for applying to company shirts, letterhead, etc) and description of ABC, five pamphlets discussing target marketing to each audience, an ABC fact sheet that serves as a leave-behind, a slide program about ABC for presentations to local groups, and a script and handout to go along with the slides.  The Kit will not only help ABC in its marketing efforts because in the long run, if you carry out a local grassroots marketing program, you will grow your practice.  The kits are now on sale for $20 through ABC’s marketing department (703-836-7114 x 3049).  With the kit, you also will receive a complimentary promotional item from ABC.  In addition, ABC is awarding a prize to the individual whose name is drawn.