We appreciate your interest in the ABC and its programs. Below is a listing of all our staff and their respective positions. Contact us for additional information about the many opportunities available through the ABC.

Lance O. Hoxie, Executive Director
[email protected]

Lowell Hickman, Office Manager
Oversees the management of the ABC and its programs, coordinating board, committee and staff activities. Responsible for executing all operational and programmatic initiatives.
Patricia A. Spitnale,
Deputy Executive Director
[email protected]

Tamara Bailey,
Accreditation Program Assistant
Assistant to the Executive Director for organizational administrative management activities. Director of the Facility Accreditation Program and the Professional Discipline Program.
Abbe L. Daly,
 Marketing Director
Directs the activities of the ABC Marketing Initiative including ABC presence at national trade shows, coordinates local practitioner grassroots efforts, MCO Facility Tour Program and volunteer appointments to various national committees and councils affecting O&P issues.
Catherine A. Carter,
 Credentialing Director
[email protected]

Jody Robertson,
Credentialing Program Coordinator
Responsible for all matters relating to certification and registration of practitioners, associates and technicians and coordinates activities related to the application and examination process.  Staff contact for state licensure activities.
Heather Harris,
 Mandatory Continuing Education Director
Directs the activities of the Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Program including distribution of semi-annual statements, course and sponsor approvals.
 MIS Coordinator
Responsible for the maintaining the ABC database, updating records relating to certifees, registrants and facilities. Coordinates the annual Data Verification and Renewal processes and manages the financial invoicing system.
General inquiries
Available for all general inquiries and requests.